36 Fresh Kitchen Tile Backsplash and Elegant Cabinets

Sunday, January 29th 2017. | Kitchen

Although not every home was originally designed using tile for backsplash areas in the kitchen, many people are adding them to their home. Backsplashes can add a finishing touch to a well-designed kitchen that is attractive as well as useful. The backsplash is generally installed on the thin area that the wall comprises immediately above the counter and stove tops.

Although there are often cabinets located above backsplashes, they can also be installed where there is no cabinetry. In this case, the tile for backsplash would only extend a foot or two above the counter, rather than going all the way up to the ceiling. In addition to protecting the walls from damage that can occur in response to splatters of hot oil or water when you are cooking, tile for a backsplash is easy to clean and can be customized so that it fits your specific design preference.

There are many different types of tile for backsplash areas from which you can make your selection. When you select tile for the backsplash, consider using one of the ideas detailed in this article. Many people choose to use ceramic tile for backsplash areas in their kitchen.

One of the advantages to using ceramic tile is that it is very affordable. Ceramic tile for backsplash areas comes in many different colors and sizes so that you can feel free to customize your kitchen as much as you want. Marble tile can be hand painted or made into a mosaic pattern. Another reason that many people choose to install ceramic tile as part of a backsplash in their kitchen is that they can clean it quite easily. Ceramic does not show streak marks and can be cleaned with water or with a cleaning agent. It is an excellent choice for many kitchen designs.

Another type of tile for backsplash areas that is popular is marble. Marble and granite countertops have become extremely common in modern homes. They are so popular because they are strong and do not easily become discolored or distorted in any way. These same qualities make them an excellent option for the tile for backsplash areas. Especially in homes that already have marble or granite countertops, installing matching tile for backsplash areas can be particularly attractive.

Additionally, there are types of marble tile for backsplash designs that are very small or that are very large. This allows you to have a backsplash that is very simple or one that involves various colors or patterns and is quite complex. If you are interested in creating an ultra-modern and sleek look for your kitchen, consider using stainless steel tiles. Over the past several years, stainless steel has become very popular in kitchen decor. It is resistant to discoloration and it is quite strong.

Many people like stainless steel backsplashes because they are sleek and shiny. They look great with black or stainless steel appliances and can be cleaned with a small amount of dishwashing detergent and water. Because there are so many different options for the tile that you use in backsplashes, you will certainly be able to find one that fits your kitchen.

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