35 Smart Modern Living Room Lighting Fixtures Ideas

Monday, January 30th 2017. | Living Room

How to choose stylish living room lighting options? With a little imagination, several living room lighting ideas will become apparent to you. Let’s face it – you probably spend the majority of your time after work relaxing in the evening after a hard days work. Choosing your lighting for this room needs a little forethought. If you like to read often, consider where you normally sit and plan your task lighting for that area.

Reading, Task Lighting & Floor Lamps
Select a reading or floor lamp to fit in with another lighting you propose for that room. A good blend of lighting in your living room can completely transform the atmosphere in your home, and help you to unwind in very pleasant surroundings.

Living Colors Changing Mood Lamp With Remote Control
Here are some popular living room lighting option ideas – Depending on your existing home decor of course.
Traditional Venetian buffet table lamp – Not for homes with a modernist style.

Consider the Living colors changing mood lamp with remote control – Ideal for modern rooms, providing stunning subtle color on your walls. Minster touches dimmer table lamp in nickel matte with a white glass shade.

High Vision Reading Or Daylight Table Task Lamp
Perhaps a modern designer table lamp. High vision reading daylight table task lamp – A clear and bright flicker-free task light, which simulates natural sunlight and lifts your mood.

Traditional bankers table lamp with an antique brass finish – Includes an adjustable position feature with a green glass shade.

Carefully Placed Lamps Around Your Living Room
Consider dimmed lighting for your ceiling lights, which not only provide a lovely ambient mood in your rooms, they also reduce your energy costs by avoiding waste of now electricity. Dimmed ceiling lighting also fits perfectly with a few carefully placed table lamps of your choice around your living room to highlight the areas that you want to illuminate in your home. Maybe you have a lovely painting hanging in a duller part of your room.

Vintage Or Antique Lamps
Why not highlight that piece of art by simply placing a small table underneath and illuminating the artwork with a decorative lamp. If the painting is modern art style, use a contemporary table lamp beside it that would make that area very appealing. There are plenty of vintage or antique lamps available that will match a traditional piece, like the English romantic painter John Constable if you have one at home.

Wall Up Lighters Ceiling Lighting
Wall up lighters is a good idea depending on your walls. Plain unpapered walls are perfect for up lighting as there is no glare or harshness as they cast all light upwards. They are effective in reflecting your wall/ceiling colors to other areas of the room in a softer manner. Wall up lighters come in two flavors.

The type that is decorative in design, and the lights that can be painted the same color as your walls, so you have to carefully consider what effect, mood and color you prefer in your living room. You can easily match wall up lighting with your ceiling lights for maximum effect.

Polished Steel/Chrome Effect Contemporary Lamp Lighting
Table lamps for living rooms come in a huge range of styles and unique designs. You do not need an electrician to come round to your home to fit them, and you can move them anywhere in your home you see fit. You can make good use of a Tiffany lamp if your home is traditionally decorated, or you may opt for a steel/chrome effect contemporary lamp if your home has modern furnishings and decor.

Table lamps also have the advantage of producing several different effects, easily and quickly in your home. It’s just a case of trying different lighting effect ideas and rearranging them after a while if does not look right.

Thousands Of Possibilities To Transform Your Home
You have thousands of possibilities to transform your rooms atmosphere by placing your lighting in areas that will benefit most. Find the balance right between functional lighting for your living room and decorative lighting can be a difficult task as table lamps and other light fittings for your home come in such a wide variety of styles, designs, and colors.

The best advice is to try out as many variations of lamps, placements, and styles in your home until you find a style that is effective, and suits your existing decor.

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