34 Best Bedroom Paint Colors with Cheerful Look

Monday, January 30th 2017. | Bedroom

You can get much inspiration when decorating a sleeping room. Color defines the mood in the bedroom. You can pick the color based on the interior design. Each interior design has the different color to set on the wall, ceiling, floor, bedding, furniture, and accessories. The colors used in the tropical bedroom design are different with the ones found in gothic or Italian bedroom design. You should note on the theme and interior design applied in the bedroom before you can choose a certain color combo.

The people who want to enjoy Chinese feeling in the bedroom can get the bedroom paint colors inspired from feng shui decoration. It is not true if you say that Chinese decoration is always linked with muted and subdued colors. It is okay if you want to carry a vibrant effect in the bedroom. However, you should not make it look too much. You need to bring the bold shades and motif as the accent in the bedroom. If the bedroom is occupied by husband and wife, it is better for you to go with neutral colors such as tan, beige, white, cream, or light brown.

If you want to make it conducive and relaxing, the refreshing shades such as pastel, green, and blue can be used to support the neutral colors. If you have kids at home, neutral colors do not work well for them. You need to know that the behavior for kids is active and challenging. It is better for you to focus on the vibrant and cheery colors. You can add a hint of red color in the bedroom to make it cheerful. For example, you can add the bedroom paint colors on the bedding or curtain color.

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